Enough. Concerning me.

It’s enough. Different ideas in one statement – discouraging and relieving at the same time. On the one side meaning adequate, sufficient, as much as necessary. On the other hand water, high enough to drown in, weapons, reaching far enough to destroy anything and more than enough information.

Stuck in the middle: Me. Deciding what life is really about. Intrigued, disturbed. Knowing: It matters. Asking myself as a human: Do I want to know more? Do I take a stand and start over? It concerns me: That’s enough.

Enough reasons to pause for a moment and review the questions of our time in the light of 500 years of reformations. The reformation summer 2017 offers the opportunity to address prevailing issues and to take a stand. The topics summoned under the headline “Enough.” are cosmopolitan, interdisciplinary and interreligious.

The Summer School 2017 is open to gifted international students and doctoral students. Giftedness in this case means, that the participants "know and promote something of what Reformation can be today and in the future: the ideas of peace and cooperation and communication across all boundaries" (Gerhard Robbers, Initiator of the Summer School 2017).